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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> good afternoon. i am mindy basara. hundreds of city residents are expected to gather to protest mayor sheila dixon's pension. she receive probation before a judgment. she could receive a pension of about $82,000 a year. the city faces a looming budget deficit. >> i know that good times are
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ahead for baltimore. i appreciate the council members that were able to stand with me. >> stephanie rawlings-blake is taking a couple of minutes to ensure the council the work of the city will continue. at the top of her agenda is the police and fire pension issue. costs sent the deficit skyrocketed. she said she is working on this solution. >> the fire and police unions have worked with the greater baltimore committee to come ofup with some solutions. >> in response to criticism, rawlings-blake said she will take a closer look at ethics legislation and pensions. she says this is uncomfortable. >> everything about this process is awkward.
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>> economic development share. >> we're talking about possibly modified fire and police pensions, to not take a look at the elected officials retirement and pension system. >> officials are investigating what they call a lab incident. county police and the maryland department of the environment are investigating the incident started in the mobile home park on sunday. fire crews responded to a call and that started the investigation. a boy is pleading not criminally responsible for the rape and murder of a woman last july. roberts ervin must undergo a psychiatric evaluation and if he is competent to stand trial. ervin is accused of killing
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jennifer thompson. in federal court, a baltimore man is pleading guilty to a carjacking. brian rose will be sentenced next tuesday for a mall merchant who was shot and killed after trying to steal his car in 2006. police are trying to find the man responsible for a -- one weighs about 160 pounds, the other around 130 pounds. the robbery happened yesterday morning on edgewood road. anyone with information is asked to call metro crime stoppers. police are trying to track down a driver responsible for a deadly hit-and-run. a man was working on his truck when it broke down. a car described as a black honda or acura struck him and sent him
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flying. the driver then took off. the man died at the scene. the car sustained heavy front end damage. anyone with information is asked to call state police. the maryland general assembly will meet tomorrow. a controversial measure will be front and center. keith haines is introducing a set of proposals that would end the policy of rotating closures of city fire houses. >> i propose to rolling the dice as to which fire station will be rotated is not the best way to make sure that everyone receives the proper level of fire attention. >> next year looks worse than this year. it is my up professional
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opinion that i welcome others to look as well, the uighur reached the limit. >> the proposal would create a civilian review board to oversee such decisions that affect public safety. maryland university leaders are working to reverse a decision that bent and on-line doctor a program because it duplicated it program at morgan state university. they ruled the online program would violate civil rights precedence. the program is offered at morgan but not on line. the university system is asking the commission to reconsider saying the ruling in dangers other on-line programs. the chairman said members may revisit the issue after next meeting. a new census bureau is now open. martin o'malley said it would
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create 1400 new jobs. there is more a reaction in washington to those comments by harry reid about race. president obama chimed in for the first time. we have more. >> rushing to his defense was president obama himself. >> there was nothing mean- spirited in what he had to say. >> the president was interviewed for a special airing on martin luther king day. >> for him to have used some inartful language in trying to praise me and for people to make hay out of that, makes absolutely no sense. >> republicans called that a judgment problem. >> they have used bad judgment. >> reid said he thought americans could embraced a black
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candidate, especially one with "light skin." >> i have apologized to the president. >> worse than the words, said some prominent african- americans, is that they are true. >> lighter-skinned blacks are closer in approximating white culture. >> some say the wish president obama would address that head on. no sign that what happened. the average person cares more about fixing health care than aboutr reid's comments years ago. >> hope your doing well. there is another front bettis trying to make its way through. is generating some snow in southwestern virginia. it is a pretty distinct wind of
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clouds. we saw precipitation because some delays in some schools. it was under half an inch. 31 is the temperature downtown. the wind is starting to pick up. it feels like 19 at the airport. the wind will be guest here this afternoon. more coming up. >> the ravens prepared to take on the colts' this weekend. signs of spirit are showing up. there are 100 locations around baltimore county and howard county. check out high traffic areas such as hospitals and the inner harbor. that brings us to the ravens text question for today. can the ravens and saying the cult? grab your cell phone and text of the word yes or no. standard text messaging rates apply. we will show you the results
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tonight on 11 news at 5:00. a debate is raging in taxes over how a little boy wears his hair. plenty of people are allergic to pet dander. some people could be allergic to cold. that is right. you could e-mail your questions you could e-mail your questions to
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>> it appears the fight over a boy's hair style will continue. he has been suspended since november at his elementary school because his lawn care violates the dress code. on monday, they voted he could wear his long hair in tight braids. his parents have rejected the compromise. they say breeding it would make his scalp believe. they have refused to get his hair cut. he wants to grow it out. a man fell asleep while riding a train and was up alone and locked in the train yard. he got on the 4:20 p.m. train in washington and fell asleep. he was exhausted from the holiday season. he woke up at 9:30 that night confused and lost inside an empty train car. he said it took 50 minutes for someone to rescue him.
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he wonders why somebody did not wake him up. >> if i am sound asleep, i could have been robbed. i could have been killed for that matter. >> this is a reminder for employees to sweep the trains more carefully. still to come, it frigid temperatures affect some people more than others. could you have an allergy to cold weather? i do. >> look at what we're dealing with. a little light snow in pennsylvania and virginia. nothing falling over baltimore. we saw some flurries activity along the eastern shore. it is a bit uncomfortable out there.
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>> i hope your doing well on this tuesday. it has been a great start all day long. we are stuck in the cloud cover. we saw a little bit of a wintry mix and flurry of activity over the eastern shore. it caused some school delays. in baltimore, we are seeing clouds. the front itself is pushing through right now. the wind has picked up out of the northwest. the actual temperature is still below freezing at 30 at the airport. 30 of the eastern shore. it feels 10 to 12 degrees below that. the wind chill, 22 downtown. another really below-normal afternoon. things are going to slowly
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improve, especially by thursday and friday. we will hang up between 31 and 36 with northwesterly winds at 10 miles per hour. more clouds than sun. normal high, 41. off the mark again. we're going to exceed the normal height by the end of the week, flirting with that 50-degree threshold. the record for today is 70. the record low is 19. tonight, mostly clear and cold. 16 in the outlying suburbs. 23 downtown. the wind will die down as high pressure sets up shop. the front is pushing on through. we are stocked in the cloud cover and we're dealing with clouds not going anywhere. cold and breezy. the wind will die down tonight.
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high pressure will slide to the south. tomorrow, 37 to 42. by thursday and friday, we will change our wind direction. temperatures are going to moderate. things are looking much better. 48 and 49 respectively, up thursday and friday. 38 on sunday. it looks like there may be another area of low pressure off sure that would generate a wintry mix. >> it may sound like an excuse to stay inside, but doctors say some people are allergic to cold weather. the condition is known as an allergy to cold temperature per it often starts with hives.
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it can cause lips to swell. doctors say the symptoms start when you begin to warm up. " you could have symptoms such as it drops in blood pressure, redness, flushing, significant in tunitchiness. >> there is no cure. it can be treated with antihistamines. surgeons have removed a chopstick that was stuck inside a child's nose that was protruding into his brain. the boy is showing no ill effects. doctors were worried an artery could burst. but the lowboy walks a response to his name. they believe he has not suffered any brain damage. there is something you can do to slow memory loss. exercise. adults who were diagnosed could
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improve their memory by exercising. adults without the condition lowered their risk but over 30%. those who worked out saw the biggest benefits. exercise increases blood flow to the brain. all right. we will enter your plant and gardening question. this is something we could all use. >> i have not been able to get the harvest. it comes from china. it has a " breeding here. there is a certain amount of locked attached. -- it has a braiding here. >> my husband always says, where's the money tree? here you go. >> i have a potted evergreen.
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when can i plans it outside? >> ideally, as soon as possible. it probably has gotten used to the warm temperatures. you could print out when it gets 40 degrees. wait for a nice warm day. you might be ok. >> it might go into shock. >> i would, too. >> i am looking at my dad garden. i have plants that i want to look good all year long. >> some ornamental grasses look good and the move about in the grass \ breeze. there are many things about to happen. >> what about the colors? >> not a lot. look for trees like dogwoods. look for color.
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river birch tree. >> right. spring is around the corner. >> growing season for my vegetable garden. how do let's get started? >> we have all kinds of seminars. go on-line and take a look. there are a lot of class is. you want to get started. seats will be out in the next couple of weeks. -- seeds will be out in the next couple of weeks. research building. phil free to call the garden center. >> rhode island. thank you. -- feel free to call the garden center. >> take pictures of your plans and gardens. or go to our website, you can also send your questions and pictures through the mail.
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up next, your maryland lottery. and we will get another check of your insta-weather forecast. let's see how wall street is
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and if you're new to medicare... or rethinking your current supplemental insurance plan, these rates are competitive and could be worth a look. now that's the kind of help i like. call now for your free information about aarp... medicare supplement insurance plans, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. " coming up today, can you lose weight while you sleep? dr. oz talks about weight- loss. rita wilson has some transformations. tonight, retail stores are trying new tactics to get consumers to spend more money. you may be surprised to see what
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you see in store. now you're maryland lottery. >> good afternoon. your peccary numbers are -- 1, number 7, and number 2. 1-7-2. enter by february 7 for a chance to win $500. drawing officials for the pick for a number are -- 5, 9, 8, and
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7. 5-9-8-7. the maryland lottery. let yourself play. " thank you. a final look at the weather. >> it is a little cold out there. the wind has picked out from the west. the high at about 34 per it down into the teens again for the outlying areas. it will be 44 tomorrow afternoon. by 48 and 49 on thursday and friday. that is the light you mentioned. that is where we're expecting another wintry mix on sunday and then on monday. we will see how it plays alabama. >> i like thursday and friday. -- we will see how it plays out. >> thank you for joining us. >> be sure to watch tonight at
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5:00. have a good one. i think, for the most part,
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traditionally men have ruled the world. i think that they're in control. women rule the world. men are just here for the company.

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